Quitting is just as important as Doing By Alexander J.A Cortes
September 13, 2017

The Power of QUIT

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Every human has free will, although whether we use it is a different question entirely. Living a good life is not only saying YES to what is good for you, but saying NO to what is bad for you as well. Nearly every positive change in your life will begin with two words then

I quit.

I quit being friends with people who are losers

I quit giving up on my time on relationships that drain me of life

I quit this relationship with someone I don’t want to be with

I quit feeling sorry for myself and wanting pity from people

I quit claiming to be a victim of circumstance, when I know I am a victim of myself

I quit compromising with a lesser version of myself, when I’m capable of more


We are complacent with our comprises, our discontent, our futility. We SETTLE with what we loathe resent, and we what we know has failed. We put our energy into broken people and broken situations, and lie to ourselves about what a waste this is. We avoid taking a risk on something else that might fail. Better to live within our failures now, because at least they are familiar to us



“Id like to..”

“I know I should but…”

But nothing. Quit your excuses, or live with consequences of choosing them over your aspirations and ambitions.

We start new things with motivation, with optimism. We put in time, effort, love, and money. But when they start to fail, we become trapped by the sunken cost mentality. “I’ve done SO MUCH for this, maybe if I try a little harder, and spend some more time, it will work”. People do not like to admit to failing something, so we will persist in it, to avoid the blow to the ego.
Sometimes you fail, sometimes you need to just QUIT. Sometimes something, or someone, they are no damn good for you.

There are times in life to be Relentless. There are times in life for obsession, for persistence, for never giving up, never giving in. There are those times. But those times are also not all the time. To succeed mightily at anything, you need to be ready to quit, to have quit, all the the things that detracts from that. Success is not a straight path, life is not linear. Your outcomes may be very different from what you originally envisioned. But such is living

Do not be afraid to quit,

it can be good for you,

I promise,

Talk again soon,



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