Physicality vs Mentality By Alexander J.A. Cortes
September 6, 2017

Trying to separate internal health from “physical” health and appearance is impossible, you cannot do it, This attempt at separation is very much akin to Cartesian Dualism-Rene Descartes was well intentioned in this metaphysical idea that you could break something into constitutional parts, and the “body” and the soul were separate entities

The reality is that since then, science has been entirely unable to prove, dissect, or really meaningfully understand what “conscious” is, other than to say it’s complicated.

And that modern medicine, while extremely good at eradicating foreign pathologies, medicine still has no “cures” for a near endless multitude of diseases

Even further, the research of the past century indicates that the psychological, or psychosomatic component as its called, it plays an incalculable role in health.

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The idea of the body healing the mind is not even accurate, its the “being healing the being”. The placebo effect is so incredibly powerful that it can even work better than the actual treatment. How do you account for that? Its not any one mechanism of action. its a literal and metaphorical cascade of a thousand processes all going together at once and responding accordingly, both conscious and unconscious.

That’s complex, that is not simple.

And therein is the problem with the Dualism idea. Its very ironic that its been largely discredited, or at least determined to be too narrow, yet the binary appeal of it, and you cant deny that it is not appealing on a very deep level, its completely overtaken peoples thinking.

“There is this, and there is that, and that is it”

Binary is simple, and binary can be true too, but between North and South there are also East and West, its a whole spectrum, its not just two points.

Between birth and death, there is life.

Between man and women there is romance and relationship.

Between light and darkness, there is color.

These are binary yes, but those the contrasts exists for the sake of differentiation and possibility, not because that is all that there is.

I advocate taking care of physical health because it leads to the mentality changes in a very direct way, but you could at either end of the spectrum.



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