Creating the Act of focus by Alexander J.A Cortes
January 3, 2018

The Act of Focus

Developing focus is mental, and it is physical. A focused body is a healthy body, a conditioned body. An unhealthy body is corpulent, fat, bloated. You intuitively KNOW that being healthy requires discipline with your choices. You intuitively sense that unhealthy people cannot stop themselves, that they make poor decisions. You intuitively recognize attractive bodies. You are intuitively turned off by unhealthy bodies.

You are impressed by incredible feats of art, athleticism, of creation. You recognize that these things demand FOCUS. You are amazed that someone could write a 500 page novel, or compose a song, or play multiple instruments. You are impressed at someone who speaks multiple languages. I do not need studies to support these observation. These are universal experiences and beliefs shared by everyone in the world. We all are impressed by focus.

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Focus is an action, both mental and physical. Focus is SINGULAR. When you focus, you do only one thing. And not only do you do only thing, you ARE that thing.

Zen Buddhism describes the state of Mushin, the “mind without mind”. In combat, a warrior should enter this state to exist so much in the moment, that his actions and responses are without fear or worry. He transcends these things and is like water, adapting to his situation like water takes on the shape of its container.

In the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes said “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your Might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol (Hell), to which you are going”

Jocko Willink, a decorated Navy Seal, describes freedom through discipline, “Clear mind, clear skies, clear focus.”

The example I could give of Focus are endless. Every great warrior, every Man of God, every great athlete and great artist, all practice the Art of Focus.

Focus is doing ONE action, and nothing else but that action. Focus requires discipline because only when you decide what you will NOT do are you truly free to what you WANT to do to the absolute limit. Great acts, great art, great performance demand everything that you are, and no less.

Singular, all-consuming focus is how push the boundaries of limitation, and CREATE who you are. Without focus, you are small, weak, and you will shrink with age.

With focus, you define your boundaries, your strengths, you identity. With focus you can become Limitless in your ability to produce.

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