August 3, 2018

You are at war, the sooner you realize this the better. No, not Syria, not Baghdad, not none of those, but at war with yourself, with your environment, with your immediate and long term future. You may fall victim.  You may survive. If you do these you may even more than just survive. If you intend to win this war then allow me to show you how.

Firstly, you have to understand the rule of engagement, RULE because there is only one. THERE ARE NO RULES. In other words, this is your life, this is your war, these are your battles. Battles, every war is divided into a series of battles and the more battles and territories you conquer the closer you are at winning the wall altogether. With that said, let us discuss how to win.


If your life is anything like mine, then you have series of battles in your hands. Family, Health, Career, Finance, Business, etc. How you handle these battles will ultimately determine how you win in life. The problem? I do not believe you can fight all at once, heck fighting two battles at the same time an prove difficult. What to do? FOCUS on one battle at a time. The Idea of multi tasking is impressive on the eye, but that may be as far as it goes, an aesthetic thought.

The thought of focusing on one battle and one battle only may seem slow or lack optimization but research has shown that this yields far greater benefits than multitasking. Perhaps the issue lies in ”what battle to fight?”, I do not live your life so I cannot select that for you, but what I can do, is give you a couple of tips that can help you decide.


  1. GO FOR THE SUREST BET – There are NO guarantees in life, but if you are going to war, you want to come out of the first battle with a win. The simplest way to do this is to select an area in your life that you are most accustomed to, an area in which you are probably already winning at. An area you are good at. I understand this may seem contradictory to picking the hardest shit first, but hear me out. Losing can be bad, losing can be demoralizing, losing can set you back a lot, the feel of a loss is bitter and if that is the first thing you taste in war, then you may be uninterested in continuing. Winning is sweet, winning builds momentum, winning builds your mental toughness.


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