And So It Begins, Why? FEAT. Jared Reagin(@conquervore)
March 6, 2018

We got talking with Jared Reagin(@conquervore), And he has struggled with his weight for 15 years, had high blood sugar and was having a hard time playing with his daughter. He has an amazing ongoing journey. Here’s our latest QnA with him! Learn his methods and how he has managed to reduce his blood sugar levels. Get Stuck In! 

Tell us a little about yourself, who are you? What do you do?
My name is Jared Reagin. I’m a certified Culinarian, musician, I’m ambitious, creative, but most of all, I’m a father. To a beautiful baby girl.

When did you begin your fitness journey? What made you decide to start?
I started my diet on September 8th, 2017. What really got me started was being unable to do simple things. Things other people consider easy. The final straw was when I couldn’t play with my daughter in the floor, without feeling out of breath. It made me realize how much I hated what I had done to myself. It was hard for me to look at myself in the mirror. I refused to let my own addiction to food cause my daughter to lose her father at an early age.

What was your lifestyle like (Before embarking on your fitness journey)?
I was lazy. I worked and office job where I sat down all day, then drove home for 45 minutes, just to sit down for the rest of the night and eat. Sure I was tired from the day but…I could have been more active or at least eaten better.

Was this inactivity a common theme in the office? Or was this just you personally? I ask this because we have seen that most offices are set up in a way that promotes a sedentary lifestyle

It was very common. I was in a call center, so we literally sat for 10 hours a day and took call.

What kind of programs did you start off with? How many days a week did you have to work out?
Due to a pinched nerve in my back, my workout regimen only lasted about 3 weeks, until recently. It was only walking a half mile to a mile a day. It got to a point where I was in so much pain that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Now I’m so little pain that I can do a lot of gym cardio.

Interesting, this means most of your weight loss was a result of the change in eating habit
Yes. I only just got to where I could exercise again at the beginning of February.

And what kind of program are you doing now?
Now my main exercise is cardio aerobics and stationary cycling. Most people would say this was nothing, but before I started my diet I was 530lbs and needed a cane to help me around. I had to use the riding carts in the stores just to shop. If I have a particularly bad back day, I will now, but I’m doing so less and less.

What kind, if any, type of diet/eating habits did you develop? What kind are you currently practicing?
I started with keto. Less than 30 carbs(because I thought it would be easier than the recommended 20). Doing that, I lost 81 lbs in the first 13 weeks(92 days). My weight loss had slowed from 8-11lbs a week to around 3. That’s still nothing to scoff at, but I still had cravings for carbs, though minimal. 3 months ago, I switched to the zero carb/carnivore diet and have felt more energy, less cravings, and have lost 50 more lbs .

WOW! Would you say this lifestyle is sustainable? you have evidently sustained it for a good period.
Oh yeah. Very much so. I feel better than I have in 5+ years.

Do you count calories often/what apps do you use in doing this?
Back when I tracked, I kept my calories below 2500. I used an app called Carb Master to measure everything but, again, I no longer measure macros as a carnivore.

Could you give us a sneak peek on what your daily food/macros are?
Pork for lunch and beef for dinner. On this way of eating, I don’t even calculate anymore. When I did, I was around 200g protein, 160g fat, and no carbs.

Do you supplement?
Nope. Not at all. Meat has been providing me with all the nutrients I need.

What’s been the major challenge? Before starting, when you first started and Right now? How have you been able to overcome these challenges?
Before starting, my biggest challenge was being unable to do little things. These were things most people take for granted like walking, standing, getting into my car and playing with my daughter. After I started, the cravings were tough. I made sure to have plenty or fat and protein in my diet and eventually the cravings lessened to a manageable point. Now, my challenges are finding clothes that fit. I feel better than I’ve ever felt before. Any challenges I have now are so miniscule that I don’t even think about them.

Would you be looking to get back into a more intense routine, should your back permit?
Absolutely. I’m growing my work out routine gradually and hope to be very active.

We’ve had in some cases people say they’ve had to let go of people close to them, even family, was this the case with you? Or were you always supported by those close to you?
I have always been supported by the people in my life that mattered. Some of them may think zero carb is strange, but they just want me healthy. As long as that happens, I think they could care less how I do it, as long as it’s safe.

AWESOME, What would you say you have gained the most from living a healthier lifestyle and your journey all together?
Well losing 131lbs in fat definitely helps. I have much more energy now. I can now play with my daughter more and more each day. I feel better, less depressed, and my health is exponentially better. I was diagnosed as diabetic February of last year. Then on my birthday, in late October, I was told by my doctor that my blood sugar was consistently below 120 and I no longer needed to take medications for my diabetes. That was 6 weeks after starting my diet. Now, with zero carb, my blood sugar is constantly between 95-105.

What was the biggest lesson/advice you were given?
Find something in this world that makes you want to try the hardest to get healthy. The thing you love the most will help you want to succeed, just to be around it more. Loving ourselves should be enough, but a lot of times we naturally put other people or things before ourselves. Unfortunately we also tend to do the same with our temptations. It took me getting to a place where I hated myself. Not who I am, really, because I’m a cool guy. I just hated what I had done to myself and I loved my daughter enough to want to change my selfish ways.

Have you any advice/tips for people out there, especially those who are yet to begin?
There is no tomorrow. Only right now. I put off eating healthier since I was 13 (just over 15 years). If you keep waiting for your tomorrow to come, you may not have 15 years to screw up before you straighten up.. Also don’t underestimate the power of meat. It has practically saved my life.

Knowing the journey is an ongoing one, what’s next for you? 
I’m just going to continue along my path to success and be the best man I can be for myself and for my daughter. Got to make sure I’m healthy enough to be around a long time. I don’t want to miss a thing. 

Thanks a lot for taking time out to answer our questions, You are an Inspiration, Truly .

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