And so it begins, with Adam (Keto_clark_fitness)
October 30, 2018

“I know in order to be the best person I can be for my wife and daughter, as well as for my employer, I have to stay in shape and be healthy!” – Adam Clark.

Had the pleasure of having Adam Clark on our QnA, valuable insight on life as a father, husband and keto world! Feast!

Hello Adam, Thank you for joining us today. , just before we begin, could you tell us a little about yourself, who are you? What do you do?

Hey! My name is Adam Clark. I’m 26 years old and I live in Virginia. I’m a full-time delivery driver for UPS.


So you are married, and a father, how has that affected your general lifestyle (Challenges responsibilities, positive energy)

Being a husband and father has been an amazing journey so far. Along with the financial responsibility of providing for them, I’m also avidly trying to spend as much time with my wife and daughter as humanly possible. They are my world and at times this has caused other interests and passions of mine to fall to the bottom of my list. I wouldn’t train anything for quality time with both of them! This has caused me to try and find different ways to balance all of this with my fitness and health goals!

…how long have you been into fitness? What made you decide to get on the train?

I’ve been training and interested in fitness since I was 15 years old. Ultimately,  what caused me to start working out was the fact that I was overweight and embarrassed of how I looked.

You weren’t always this fit, so what was your lifestyle like prior to starting?

At my most unhealthy state 3 years ago, I was eating anything and everything. I had no diet regiment. I still worked out periodically because I enjoyed that! But my nutrition always was in the “Yo-Yo” state!

What kind of programs did you start off with? How many days a week did you have to work out?

I started out working out with bodyweight movements. Pull-ups, pushups, squats, lunges, exercices like that. I usually fit in around 3-4 days of working out each week.

And what kind of program are you doing now? How much different is it from when you just started?

I’m following a resistance band workout regiment at this time. Using bodybuilding style workouts but making bands be the focus instead of weights! This is very different then when I was new to working out. I thought you always had to lift heavy to gain muscle. This often resulted in me getting injured. It wasn’t until I found a guy by the name of James Grage on YouTube that I found out gaining muscle could be achieved by taking each muscle to failure with a lighter weight to prevent injury!

You’ve certainly found consistency and this has translated in your awesome results, HOW have you managed to stay so consistent? How have you managed to build this habit?

Consistency was and still can be something I struggle with. When I’m truly motivated and inspired, consistency comes so easy. But, when work and other aspects of life get to be overwhelming, working out and nutrition sometimes takes a back seat. I’ve utilized different “YouTubers” (fitness public figures who vlog their days and workouts) to keep me motivated and accountable! Seeing others stay consistent all the time has caused me to stop making excuses and stick to my goals. I believe consistency is just like a muscle you have to keep working, if you become inconsistent, the muscle gets weak! Stay consistent and you’ll get stronger and stronger!

Do you have a particular daily routine? what’s it like?

Each day I usually get up early (05:30-6am) giving me enough time to fit in a workout before I head to work for the day. But before I workout, I have a black cup of coffee to get my morning started. I usually watch a YouTube video, something to get me motivated to workout! I then proceed to workout in a fasted state. After my workout, I get ready for work and head out for the day. Returning from work, I’ll eat a healthy, ketogenic meal and spend time with my wife and daughter while winding down for the night.

I know you very much advocate for a keto diet lifestyle (in fact your instagram handle very much gives you away on that), what does this mean exactly? We see so many people jumping on a bandwagon just for the sake of it.

Ketogenic diet WORKS plain and simple. It’s a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. I advocate so much for this diet/lifestyle because before keto, I was at a dead end with my fitness and nutrition goals. Nothing I ever tried worked. I was always chunky and I could never get lean. I didn’t understand why. I followed the bodybuilder “6 small meals a day” diet I kept hearing would work! I was always left tired, hungry, and unsatisfied with my results following this diet plan. But I had no alternatives to fall back on. Once I found keto, I saw the best results of my life! I didn’t feel like I was suffering with depriving myself with the food I was eating. I loved everything I was eating and most importantly, I had more energy and mental clarity I had ever experienced. I had never had this happen before and since than, I’ve never looked back. I bring my best self to the table when I’m on the ketogenic diet! 

How long have you been practicing this keto lifestyle? How sustainable is this Keto lifestyle? How has the result been? What challenges have you faced and have you overcome them?

I’ve been practicing Keto for the past 2.5 years now. This diet is absolutely sustainable! Keto has become one of the most popular diets out there in the fitness industry! For good reason too! Because of this, companies have been created to make sticking to keto easier than ever. If I’m craving a cookie, pizza, you name it, there’s a company out there who has made a “ketofied” version of that! No reason to cheat on the diet now, all my cravings can be taken care of with these products I can find with no problem at all!

I had a guest who moved primarily from Keto to Carnivore (Animal based diet), is this something you will be looking to do?

I don’t think I’ll ever try Carnivore. I don’t believe meat has enough nutrients to fully give your body what it needs to stay healthy day-to-day. I love vegetables and salads as well. It wouldn’t be sustainable for me.

Hmmm… so do you Prep your meals? 

I do not meal prep whatsoever. It doesn’t fit in my lifestyle and never will. I don’t have time to spend 2-4 hours weekly to make meals for the upcoming week. I practice intermittent fasting almost everyday, which allows me to put eating to the back of my mind.

Could you give us a sneak peek on what your daily food/macros are?

My daily macros are 75-80% fat/20-25% protein/5-10% carbs. I eat anywhere from 2000-2500 calories each day.

Do you count calories often/what apps do you use in doing this?

In the beginning when I started keto,  I did track to make sure I was getting the right macros to follow the diet correctly. I’ve been doing keto for so long now, I eat intuitively now and I don’t worry about tracking. I’m in tune with my hunger and what my body needs and eat to satiation.

In addition to being on a ketogenic diet, you also fast intermittently, can you tell us briefly what that is?

I do utilize intermittent fasting with keto as I mentioned. Intermittent fasting is basically going through a portion of your day following your sleep cycle and not eating. You give yourself a smaller eating window for the day, and a long fasting window where you aren’t consuming any calories. Fasting gets me into even deeper ketosis and amplifies the benefits of ketosis. (higher energy, appetite suppression, more mental focus and clarity) By giving your body a break from constantly digesting food, you allow your body to focus on repairing cells and your immune system to keep you strong and healthy!


So when does your workout come? Do you workout in a fasted state? If so how do you get your energy? 1, you are on keto (which means carb isn’t your energy source), and 2ndly you fast (which means you go without food for a number of hours) OH, WHAT A MAN

I workout in the morning before I work my day job. I workout fasted specifically because I’m not hungry at all in the morning (ketosis=appetite suppression) I prefer training on an empty stomach and I believe my body performs better in a fasted state. Because I’m constantly in ketosis, I’m running on my fat and don’t need any calories to keep me going during this time. My body is a fat burning machine.

Discipline is key in all of this, Can you differentiate, what you enjoy doing vs what needs to be done? How do you ‘’Stay disciplined’’  

I know in order to be the best person I can be for my wife and daughter, as well as for my employer UPS, I have to stay in shape and be healthy! I enjoy working out and eating a ketogenic diet! I know I feel my best when I’m consistent working out and eating keto. Now that I know how life is when I’m doing both of these things, I can’t turn my back on this lifestyle! I know that if I don’t workout and eat whatever I want, I’ll be less positive, less energetic, and unmotivated at work and with my family.

Did/do you supplement? What supplements do you use, and how effective have they been?

I do supplement electrolytes on keto. Because I’m not eating dense carbohydrates, my body isn’t holding nearly as much water. With this in mind, I know that in order for my body to run efficiently, my electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium) need to be taken care of. I use Dr. Bergs Electrolyte Powder for this reason. I also supplement with fish oil, turmeric, a multivitamin, and Vitamin D. I also am an Affiliate for American Metabolix. This company created a meal replacement shake with ketogenic macros, PLUS you get a 20% discount if you use the code “KETCLARK20”. Their product is called “Keto Meal” and when I’m on the go at work, I have this shake to take care of my hunger and keep me full and energized! I also have it periodically at night for a dessert! 

We’ve had in some cases people say they’ve had to let go of people close to them, even family, was this the case with you? Or were you always supported by those close to you?

Absolutely not! My older brother was the first person to try a ketogenic diet in our family and see amazing results! He got me to try it! My mom and dad love the diet as well and practice it daily! I have a total of 6 brothers and every one of them eat mostly a ketogenic diet! It’s changed all of our lives for the better!!



Surely there are days when you simply don’t meet up? Could you tell us how you overcome setbacks?

I overcome these days by letting them go and moving forward. Each day is a new day to succeed and be consistent! I think the best advice I can give is to let a bad day be a bad day, move forward and don’t look back. The past is the past.


What would you say you have gained the most from living a healthier lifestyle and your journey all together?

I would say my confidence and motivation has never been higher. This has caused me to create my own online fitness coaching business and given me the inspiration to try and change other people’s lives!


So, What will you say has been the biggest lesson/advice you were given?

Nothing works unless you do! It’s up to YOU to put in the effort and time to change. No one else can do it for you.

Have you any advice/tips for those reading this, especially those who are yet to begin?

My biggest advice is to be patient. Don’t think that results will come immediately. To transform physically and mentally, it takes time. Enjoy your own personal health and fitness journey!

Knowing the journey is an ongoing one, what’s next for you?  How can those interested in following your journey reach you?

Follow me at Keto_Clark_Fitness on instagram. On my profile I have a coaching link in my bio. If you’re interested in having me coach you, click that link and fill out my application page to see if we would make a good fit to work together! I would like to begin producing YouTube videos as well! Time will tell!

So for those interested in really getting this keto diet especially on lock! this is your go to guy! Don’t forget to get your 20% discount on the Keto meal from american metabolix, use the CODE KETOCLARK20.

Thank you so much Adam! It has been a real pleasure having you! The insights and knowledge has been amazing. And thank you all! 

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