And so it begins, Why? With Sodie (@pay.fit.forward)
October 16, 2018

We got talking with Sodie (@pay.fit.forward), Who after having a baby has kept up with her fitness journey. Her journey ongoing. Here’s our latest QnA with her! Find out how this busy mum has shown that there is Indeed enough time in the day to be fit! 

First of all, congratulations! On being a new mum. This must be an exciting new experience?

Yes being a mom is great. It’s probably the hardest thing I have ever done/ am doing but most rewarding. I am a young mom at 22 years of age. Being a mom means no sick days, no vacation days, it means no days off. I am still getting used to the fact that it’s not about me anymore. Everything I do now from here on out is for my baby boy.

Could you tell us a little about yourself, who are you? What do you do?

My name is Sodie. I live in Upstate New York two hours from the Canadian Border. I love working out, the outdoors, reading, watching Netflix, learning new things. I am a year and a half away from receiving my Bachelors degree in Social Work and Behavioral Science. I have also just joined Herbalife Nutrition as a coach and independent distributor. I help people to live a healthy lifestyle as well as get the physical results that they are looking for. I also sell the products as well.

Weldon and all the best with the degree . How are you managing to handle all the responsibility, with college, your kid, and managing to lead a healthy lifestyle? (Many in your shoes will claim “No time”)

“No time” is an excuse. I know because I said no time myself actually. It is being done by me and by others so it’s doable. You just have to set priorities and rely on a schedule. You have to be self motivated and dedicated. It is stressful and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and do what’s easy, but that’s not how you reach goals.

Alright, so when did you begin your fitness journey? What made you decide to start?

I have started my fitness journey many times. However I have gotten discouraged and quit every time. However not this time. I know what I want to look like and feel like. I am tired of knowing I could be better but not doing anything about it. I wanna feel confident again in the clothes that I love to wear. Herbalife found me just when I needed it. Not only is it helping me to look great on the outside, it is helping me to feel great on the inside as well.


Clearly Herbalife has done a lot for you. What (in your opinion) makes their products and services unique?

One would be the taste. Often times products that are healthy for you don’t tatse as good as the stuff that isn’t healthy. Except Herbalife is healthy and it tastes way better then anything I’ve had before. It’s a great business opportunity as well. It allows you to consume products as well as sell them all from the comfort of your home. You can do this part time along side another job or full time as your primary job.It’s more then a job and lifestyle it’s a community and a family. The people who work along side you want you to succeed just as much as they want to succeed themselves. There is competition but it isn’t greedy. There is room for success for everyone.

What was your lifestyle like (Before embarking on your fitness journey)?

Oh my!. Well let’s just say I would come home from a long hard day at work and grab things like chips, pizza, soda, pasta, ice cream and other junk. I would take it to my room and eat non stop while sitting in my bed watching episode after episode on Netflix. There was no exercise or healthy meals. Not even more then a bottle of water a day. I would eat and watch tv for hours straight before going to bed and repeating the whole process the next day. I was not going out with friends or making any hobbies. I was isolating myself in my apartment and letting food control me. It was my friend it was my comfort.

Interesting, you mentioned that you stopped-started a number of times, Has it taken you time to adjust? Or did you adjust easily? Why was this?

Honestly not this time around which surprises me. I’m not sure if it’s just because the products are so good or that I got fed up with being a quitter. Maybe it was a combination of both.

What kind of programs did you start off with? How many days a week did you have to work out?

I never really used a program

Before. I always just did sports when I was in school and when I didn’t do sports I went to the gym or went for a run here and there on my own. School sports programs we worked out 5 days a week unless we had a game that day. If I worked out on my own it was like 2 days a week.

And what kind of program are you doing now? How much different is it from when you just started?

As mentioned earlier I am now with Herbalife Nutrition. I started that this October actually. It’s so much more organized than anything I’ve ever been a part of before. They have options to help anyone no matter their goal. It’s not just another healthy workout program. It’s a community, team, and a family. Everyone is there to help support you and make sure that you gain the highest level of success as long as you are willing to work hard and do your part.

Did you acquire the services of a coach? 

Yes I have a fitness coach with Herbalife. Deni and her husband Bryon. I love her and she is full of life and drive. Deni sends me work out videos and offers suggestions to help me with my goals. I check in with her every couple days and I check in with our group chat daily. We keep each other motivated and accountable.

What kind, if any, type of diet/eating habits did you develop? What kind are you currently practicing?

I am trying to lose weight so I replace two meals a day with a Herbalife shake which is a complete meal with all the vitamins and nutrients that I need. I have about one or two healthy snacks a day like fresh fruit of toast with peanut butter and bananas. Dinner is something healthy and colorful. I have about one cheat meal a week if that. If it’s not a cheat meal then it’s dessert. I only have dessert on special occasions.

Do you Prep your meals? How is that like? 

I don’t meal prep unless I plan on going somewhere. If I do I just really bring healthy snacks. I already know that two out of my three meals a day is my shake. So I don’t really have to think too hard!

Could you give us a sneak peek on what your daily food/macros are?

In the morning I have my Herbalife shake, and my energy tea, and whatever supplements I take on the side like something to help kick start metabolism, or skin and beauty supplements. For snacks I usually do fresh fruit or a piece of toast with peanut butter and bananas. For lunch I do another Herbalife shake and energy tea. For dinner I eat a regular meal with my family however I make it healthy. So it will be like chicken, fish, or a burger. we have salad or veggies and rice or quinoa on the side. I drink lots of water through the day.

Would you say the Herbalife eating habit/lifestyle is sustainable over a long period of time?


Do you count calories often?

No I don’t count calories. I already know how many calories are in my shake. I also am eating healthy food in moderate portions. A cup of fresh fruit holds different calories than a cup of Cheetos. If it’s healthy and in moderation I don’t feel the need to count calories.

Motivation/Lack of is a major factor for most, How do you stay motivated??

I used to be never motivated. Probably because I was so sluggish from lack of a proper diet. I thought I could only be successful with a workout buddy. That always failed. Now I push myself, I go to the gym even if I don’t want to but I usually always want to. I always wanna eat healthy because my Herbalife food is so delicious. I start everyday looking forward to it (haha). As I mentioned before I don’t have to meal prep because Herbalife does it for me. Two shakes and teas a day, two small healthy snacks, and a balanced dinner.

Discipline is key in all of this, Can you differentiate, what you enjoy doing vs what needs to be done? How do you ”Stay disciplined

I actually enjoy what needs to be done. This was never the case before. I never wanted to eat healthy and never wanted to work out. But I guess when you feel good from what your eating your mentality changes and you want to take care of yourself. You want to better yourself. I need to eat healthy and exercise. I do these things because I want to do them and I want results. So for me this time around it’s so easy.

Did/do you supplement? What supplements do you use, how effective have they been?

Herbalife. I supplement two meals a day with two shakes and two teas. They have other enhancers you can do such a New Mom wellness enhancer, metabolism, skin, hair, and cellulite supplements. Many more supplements of course. For me my supplements work great but that depends on if you are using them as you should. It isn’t important to remember that everyone responds differently.

What’s been the major challenge? Before starting, when you first started and Right now? How have you been able to overcome these challenges?

Having a baby is a challenge. I do not eat at the same time everyday as I should because my baby keeps me busy. I’ll feed him before I feed myself. So my body is not on a specific eating schedule. I still make sure I eat the amount I’m supposed to it just looks different depending on what’s going on.

We’ve had in some cases people say they’ve had to let go of people close to them, even family, was this the case with you? Or have you always been supported by those close to you?

No so far I have been lucky. I have had support. People who don’t support you for trying to better yourself are crazy. Now if I had a Close friend who loved to eat unhealthy all the time I would have to cut down on the amount of time that I spend with them because if every time we are together they are eating ice cream and pizza or macaroni and cheese, things that I love. If they offer me these things knowing I can’t have them but I want to, that’s putting me in the path of temptation. They aren’t helping me stay strong they are trying to give into my weaknesses. This isn’t really on the same level but I would not drink and offer a drink to a recovering alcoholic.

You definitely strike as a very confident person, have you dealt with any body shaming or shaming of any sort, how did you deal with it?

so far no. When I was for before people thought I had a great body. Even though I weigh 60 pounds more then I used to most people still think I look good. However I know there is room for improvement so I will not be satisfied till I achieve it.

What would you say you have gained the most from living a healthier lifestyle and your journey all together?

Not only am I gaining physical health. I have gained emotional and mental health as well from living a healthy lifestyle. A sense of pride too for taking control of what used to control me.

What was the biggest lesson/advice you were given?

Learn to control whatever’s it is that controls you and to never ever give up.

Have you any advice/tips for those reading this, especially those who are yet to begin?

start now. Don’t quit. You will thank yourself later. It’s worth it. I regret getting fit and healthy said NO ONE EVER!!

Knowing the journey is an ongoing one, what’s next for you?

Getting others on the fitness train.

How can those interested in following your journey reach you?

You can follow us on Instagram here.

@pay.fit.forward @driven_swolemates and @bryon_iz_fit @herbalife @herbalife24

Thank You so much for sharing your story with us, we look forward to your constant progress and we will definitely be following your journey!


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