And So it begins. Why? With Casey (@Caseymaddox_sw)
May 22, 2018

We got talking with Casey(@Caseymaddox_sw), And her struggle with weight. Her journey ongoing. Here’s our latest QnA with her! Learn her methods and how she has managed to overcome these struggles. 

So tell us a little about yourself, who are you? What do you do?

I’m Casey, I’m a 21 year old Female living in Colchester, Essex. I work as a detentions officer for the police, it’s hard work but it’s interesting and keeps me on my toes. I work hard and play harder!

Alright so when did you begin your fitness journey? What made you decide to start?

I started my journey on 26th December 2016. I started because I was at a point in my life where I was unhappy with the way I looked and the way I felt. My weight stopped me enjoying most things a 20 year old would. I used to hide behind my struggle with weight by putting a on a front and making jokes about myself, it hurt less that way when others would make comments about my weight.

What was your lifestyle like (Before embarking on your fitness journey)?

I didn’t go out much, I didn’t like to socialize so I became a recluse in my own home, I didn’t see my friends much so food just became my friend, I worked long hours and long shifts and I would find myself getting a takeout most evenings. Food made me happy at the time, and that was the only thing I could find comfort in.

What kind of programs did you start off with? How many days a week did you have to work out?

I didn’t start with fitness straight away, I needed to master my eating habits first, however once I had lost 3 stone I joined a fitness group and did a variety of classes 2-3 times a week. I used to only do boxing and bootcamp classes, but it was a struggle, I was still severely over weight and find any type of excersie hard but I kept at it.

And what kind of program are you doing now? How much different is it from when you just started?

I still attend classes, and I still go 2-3 times a week, except my workouts are much more efficient. I now do bootcamp, boxing, body combat, kettlebells and spinning. They range from 45mins to an hour a lass. Some days I will do 2-3 classes a day.

Did you acquire the services of a coach/Work buddy?

I received a lot of help from Matt, he runs the classes and has done a fantastic job. On my first group he gauged my ability and still to this day pushes me to my limits each and every session and will not allow me to slack off. It’s a slightly different as a programme, but he encourages me to attend as many classes that I can fit into my busy schedule.

Where can we find Matt? Sounds like a great coach!

You can find Matt at Fitness Studio Peldon or via Instagram on @matt_personal_trainer_fsp

What kind, if any, type of diet/eating habits did you develop? What kind are you currently practicing?

I am following Slimming World, it’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet and I’ve seen fantastic results from it. It’s taught me to snack on fruit and veg rather than chocolate and crisps as well as eating lots of fruit and veg which I never used to do. It works well for me as there is no limit on how many carbs I can eat, as a Carbie barbie, it’s a big ask for me to cut carbs out of my diet.

Do you Prep your meals? How is that like? (Time, energy, Is it something you enjoy doing?)

I Always prep my meals the evening before If I’m working. I make a meal planner each week which means I know what I’m having and does massively reduce wastage. Prep is key to any diet. I don’t look at is as time or energy, it’s the difference now between having a good meal and a bad one.

Could you give us a sneak peek on what your daily food/macros are?

typical day would be:

Breakfast – overnight oats, 40g of oats with a fat free yoghurt and frozen berries.

Mid morning snack – Apple

Lunch – chicken salad with piri piri sauce

Dinner – grilled chicken, roasted vegetables and a jacket potato with cheese.

Evening snack- fruit and a low fat yoghurt.

Do you count calories often/what apps do you use in doing this?

Nope, this is one of the perks of Slimming World, no calorie counting involved.

Tell us a bit more about ‘’Slimming world’’, what is it exactly? Is it a focus group?

Slimming world is a weight loss organization that hold weekly groups to help people loose weight. You get lots if ideas for meals and certainly get the support from the group too. It gives you the insight of what food you should and shouldn’t be eating to loose weight.

Motivation/Lack of is a major factor for most, How do you stay motivated?(both to exercise and to meal prep)?

simply the fact that I’m not where I wish to be just yet, that’s not to say I don’t fall off the wagon occasionally, we’re all human and crave things we shouldn’t have every now and then. What I find works best for me is one cheat meal on weigh day, it gives me what I want and ‘re focuses me for the week ahead.

Interesting that you would mention that, Falling off is what happens to many people and when they do, It’s not easy to get them back on track, how do you prevent yourself from Binging and going on a spree? A cheat meal become a cheat day, then a cheat week, and then it goes completely off.

I won’t sit here and say that’s never happened, because it has, and it’s really hard to get ‘re focused again but once you get back on it for the first day, it gets as little easier each day you go along. I look at how far I’ve come and I know I would be stupid to just give it up.

Appreciate the honesty! Discipline is key in all of this, Can you differentiate, what you enjoy doing vs what needs to be done? How do you ‘’Stay disciplined’’

As I mentioned, I have one cheat meal on weigh day, that keeps me disciplined because I know I get a “treat” when weigh is over with, some might not agree with that method, but it works for me. Staying disciplined can be hard, but with my diet plan, it gives us an allowance of some naughty food so you don’t feel deprived.

Did/do you supplement? 

Nope, I don’t use supplements, or wish to either.

What’s been the major challenge? Before starting, when you first started and Right now? How have you been able to overcome these challenges?

Major challenge for me has been realizing that food isn’t a comfort, it’s a way of life and that I don’t need food of the wrong kind to make me happy. It’s taken a while but it was just breaking that habit of a lifetime.

Our last guest mentioned that she wasn’t always supported by those around her, we’ve seen so many other cases like that, was this the case with you? Or were you always supported by those close to you?

Friends and family have always been supportive on my journey, they are the first to comment on noticing the difference in not just my appearance but how much happier I am now. My mum in particular is great and whenever I go to visit she will also accommodate my diet needs.

Are you affected by social anxiety when you go to the gym? How do you deal with it?

At first I didn’t like the thought of going to my fitness classes because I thought everyone would be watching, however after my first class I realized that’s not the case and every one is very supportive, it’s like a little fitness family.

What would you say you have gained the most from living a healthier lifestyle and your journey all together?

Becoming happier with myself and overcoming food being a comfort. I find doing fitness classes gives me a clearer mind!

What was the biggest lesson/advice you were given?

Don’t give up because it’s hard, overcome it and be proud of what you’ve achieved so far!

Have you any advice/tips for those reading this, especially those who are yet to begin?

Don’t look at how far you need to go to reach your goal, look at the bigger picture and how much happier you will feel being where you want to be.

Knowing the journey is an ongoing one, what’s next for you?  How can those interested in following your journey reach you?

You can find me on Instagram @Caseymaddox_sw I post all of my meals, progress and meal planners.


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