Cardio For Fat Loss, Why It Does Not Work By Alexander J.A. Cortes
April 11, 2018

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A) Cardio does not build much muscle, if any

B) the weight loss effects of cardio are entirely dependent upon the high volume of activity while undereating

C) the cortisol (stress hormone) release from high volume aerobic activity makes you more likely to GAIN weight in the mid and long term

D) the volume of exercise isnt sustainable, again because you are underfed

E) Aerobic cardio can be come catabolic (muscle wasting) past a certain point. This is why joggers and hardcore cardio chicks often have body’s of pure flab. Not fat, certainly not much muscle mass or tone. They ate up whatever muscle they had. This also ages the hell out of your skin, which is chicks that love spin class and running can have ungodly cellulite and wrinkles. Should have built some muscle honey

F) the accumulation of wear and tear from the impact breaks down the body and makes it harder to sustain the volume and intensity as the years go by. Your joints will wear out, and gravity is going to break you down faster the more you pound the pavement, as your body already lacks lean mass

G) Most people that run/spin/bike are led to believe that they need to eat high carbs, which combined with low lean body mass and the changes in metabolism, you end up as a skinny-fat person that can run a lot

H) Aging is not going to go well for you

That’s the long-term outcome. Which is somewhat dramatic, but I say this to make a point,

JUST doing cardio is never going to cut it for bodycomp changes, outliers aside. Even the lifelong runners eventually acquiesce to gravity.

Having said all of these things, I am NOT “anti running”. Cardiovascular health and being able to run and walk are vital components of health, but they are also not the the ENTIRETY of it, obviously.

I harp on running because running can be deceptive. Practically anyone will lose weight very quickly if they do enough of it. The problem is that it is exercise induced WEIGHT loss, but its not physiological fat loss.

You are using activity to almost artificially keep your weight down, but your Lean body mass, which is the “secret” so to speak with changing how your metabolism functions, that never changes. So the running creates an energy deficit, it also makes you sweat, and the pounds come off initially.

But you stop running, pounds come back, and metabolically you can be in a worse place than you were prior.

The short and abbreviated “answer” to permanent fat loss then is

-Eat clean
-Live lean
-Train mean

My formula/mantra that I love so much. If you eat properly, cut the fat from your life and manage stress, and you LIFT WEIGHTS, you are going to be healthy, by and large.

Questions, let me know.

I also recored a podcast on this subject last year
Cardio For Fat Loss, Why It Does Not Work

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