March 28, 2018

One of the fundamental problems in clinical studies in weight loss for decades has been the frequency with which people gain the weight back. Because medicine prioritizes weight loss in study outcomes, this has led to a multitude of perspectives on diet, and according to the Medical Establishment, ALL diets “work”. While it is true that ANY diet can work with a calorie deficit in place, this often completely ignores the long term metabolic/physiological effects of that diet, along with its sustainability.

That is the question that mainstream medicine does not have answer for, what happens when the diet ENDS?

The media never talks about that (because they do not know), medicine does not have a solution (because they are limited by the myopic approach, if I am being honest, and their boxed in paradigm of what constitutes evidence), and the fitness industry at large rarely has much to offer, as most personal trainers have a poor grasp of biology and human physiology.

Guess what though? I have the formula for “unfatting” yourself. And I am not the only one that has it. Those of us professionals who have taken a holistic approach to understand bodyweight/bodycomposition and biology, there IS a solution to “permanent fat loss”

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-Restore the body’s overall biochemistry, and understand that hormones are all linked together in a cascade effect complex system. (this means getting bloodwork done, get the TOT BIble for all the tests you should do in this regard)

-Rewire the brain and gut connection through clean eating. Meaning that by eating clean food and not consuming garbage, you can start to improve gut health, improve the balance of hunger hormones, and get your brain away from craving low quality food constantly.

-Restore hunger hormones through high density nutrition and chronologically limited eating (fasting), and by fixing insulin sensitivity and lowering overall inflammation.

-Reset the body’s “setpoint” weight by increasing muscular power and improving relative bodyweight strength and cardiovascular capacity

-Upregulate metabolism, fat burning, and growth hormone by building lean body mass, which massively improves physical health on ever possible level

-Do NOT diet for long periods of time (unless grossly obese), diet for moderate time periods, maintain weight to reestablish bodyweight set point, then continue dieting

-Use controlled refeeding when dieting to maintain psychological health and prevent metabolic slowdown.

-Improve overall health and fat burning through better sleep and stress management, and strategic supplement usage

-Educate one’s self on nutrition, human health, exercise and fitness, and be empowered with the knowledge to make more informed diet,exercise, and lifestyle decisions that serve you

=Combine everything into a holistic approach, and you can lose fat, build muscle, get lean, and you will stay lean the rest of your life.

Why am I sharing all this?

Because do you see “Do a ridiculous amount of cardio and burn all the fat off?”

No. You do not. So when people think they are going to “cardio” all the fat off by running, or aerobics, or spin class, and that that is going to be the thing that keeps you slim,


Cardiovascular activity is HELPFUL in the context of the above steps, because of the following

-It improves bloodflow and increases oxygen capacity

-it can improve fat burning mechanisms

-it can improve insulin sensitivty

-it can help with mood and to improve eat behavior (controlled amounts of cardio can help REDUCE appetite, at times, when properly applied)

-it helps to build muscle

What it can’t do is burn all your fat off, and keep it off. It CANNOT.

Exercise driven fat loss can never work, because it defies how BIOLOGY WORKS. You cannot increase the energetic expenditure of a living system, put it into an energetic deficit, and then expect it to survive like that. It will DIE. Or it will rebound massively, and you will have a creature that eats itself to oblivion to counterbalance that fact that its been starving.

AKA, crash diets and cardio. AKA, what women do all the time,

Talk again,


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